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Maria Finds Courage
Guy Wolek was our illustrator for a series of Children’s books we published with Harvest House and he was fantastic. We wanted a diverse set of characters with realistic and interesting scenery, and his artwork was outstanding. We would highly recommend Guy to anyone who is looking for quality artwork
Lauren and Tony Dungy
Fearfully And Wonderfully Made
I worked with Guy on my first children's book, Fearfully And Wonderfully Made. What I liked about working with Guy is that he was a mentor to me on this project. Here I was a brand new author learning this industry. I had no idea where to start with the illustrations for the book or how to develop characters for the story. Guy spoke with me and was very informative on how to illustrate a book. I took his recommendations and applied them. He was not just providing art work for me for a nominal fee, he guided me through and through to help me develop a sound and quality book. I really appreciate and value his time and work that he put into my book. Every person that has come in contact with my book has given high praise about the illustrations and design. He guided me in the right direction for the designing of the book which allowed me to have a voice in how I wanted each page to speak to the reader. I loved that! Guy has such great wisdom and I am glad that we had the opportunity to partner together for my first book. He is forever connected to me for the books to come.  
Sharonda E.

Around The World With Matt and Lizzy Book Series
As a new author, working with Guy Wolek illustrations has been an amazing experience. He involved me throughout the whole project from developing characters to how to make a scene come alive. His expertise & creative genius brought the “WOW Factor” to each book. Everyone who sees the illustrations are just in awe of the detail and beauty!
I would recommend Guy Wolek Illustrations to everyone especially to new authors. 
We love Guy Wolek Illustrations! 
Julie B.

Mango in a Tree, Empress in the Place, and Ten Afros Up On Top.
  Guy helped me not only produce the illustrations for three children's books, but he developed my characters as well.  I met Guy in 2014 when I had an idea for my first children's book.  Guy was gracious enough to help me on my journey despite his demanding schedule.  The blessing of Guy was that he helped me to understand parts of children's book journey as well.  Guy has a knack of getting into the mind of the characters in my books.  He asks great questions like what was the character thinking in this scene?  And by goodness, Guy would find a way to draw that impression of the character's face.   Those type questions made all the difference.  Guy is also very diligent in meeting his client's needs.  Guy has always been transparent with me about his schedule and when he would be able to deliver illustrations to me. And it goes without saying that Guy has a real gift for art.  You are not going to find too many illustrators that are going to be as good as him.  The skill that I like the most about Guy's art is his ability to create facial expressions.  I hope to complete the final books of my book series with Guy.
My name is Donovan Mustardseed and I am the author.  Guy had illustrated the books Mango in a Tree, Empress in the Place, and Ten Afros Up On Top.  You can find these books on www.juniorsread.com.
Donovan Mustardseed

The Halloween Santa.
  Guy Wolek can take an author’s words and develop illustrations that express the emotions and actions of the characters to fit one’s story line. After illustrating over 600 children’s books, Guy has experience few artists can match. I was fortunate to find a fabulous illustrator for my first picture book, The Halloween Santa.
I can't thank you enough for the wonderful illustrations! My book just sings!
Marsha W.

Hear, O Little One: In the Morning and in the Evening.
  It has truly been an honor and a privilege to work with Guy on our new board book, “Hear, O Little One: In the Morning and in the Evening.” It was such an enjoyable experience. Guy was willing to listen to our ideas for illustrations and then he took our words and created beautiful depictions that took our breath away. He really made our words come alive in ways that we never thought possible.

Eric Schrotenboer

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